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24x7 Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

Our MDR Services & 24x7 Sedona SOC are able to respond to threats within minutes. With our encrypted snapshots & automated rollback, your data and users stay safe. We're so confident, we back it by a $1M ransomware warranty.

Daily Risk Identification & Protection

Risk prevention and monitoring is an extremely important most competitors forget about. We have automated scripts, policies, & staff ensuring each layer of protection stays in place. 
*Includes Dealer Security Controls Framework* 

Sedona Safeguard Advanced Email Threat Protection

This is our all in one email threat protection that allows good email through and keeps bad email out.  Automatically guard against phishing, spam, threats, & email comprimise. 99.9% catch rate with ultra-low false positives and simple to use.
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Web Security Gateway for Malware Prevention

Our DNS service works on all endpoints & your network. With over 80 URL categories & policy-based control you can automatically block dangerous & questionable sites (Malware & Adult) or non-business sites for employee productivity.
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End User Security Awareness Training

The 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations report revealed that 93% of successful security breaches start with phishing. Properly training your users to not click on things that look legit, can be key to stopping your next attack.

Network Security with SIEM & Intrustion Detection

Our System Information & Event Monitoring allows for real-time alerting and incident response to our own Sedona Security Operations Center. This allows us to detect if there's any intrusion at your network so we can immediately take action.

24x7 Microsoft 365 Cloud Protection

We detect threats that slip past Microsoft's defenses and offer a deeper insight into alerts generated. With our native cloud monitoring and SOC security expertise, we can analyze threats and logs coming in at your M365 users & tenant.

Backup & Disaster Recovery for Servers & Desktops

One of the biggest problems companies seem to forget about is to test their backups. Not only does our NOC monitor your Server or Desktop backups 24x7, we spin up the backups in the cloud to ensure each image is working properly.

Backup & Disaster Recovery for SaaS (M365, Dynamics, G-Suite, Salesforce)

Unlimited Backups & Unlimited Retention of all your important cloud data. Whatever happens, your data is safe & recoverable within minutes

Tested & Managed Microsoft & 3rd Party Patching

Microsoft & other vendors release important security patches, but how do you know your endpoints are getting the correct ones? Not only that, how do you stop the bad ones from getting installed? We test & install each patch for you.

End User Password Manager

Secure data storage for each of your users. Audited, Tested, and Certified ISO 27001--you'll have a secure portal to make sure each of your end users is safely generating and non-comprimised, and non-duplicate passwords. Replaces the default browser and mobile password managers your end users may have.
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Real Time Dark Web Monitoring & Security Assessments

Knowing security gaps & what the bad guys see is crucial to keeping your business and users safe. We alert you 24x7 when something new shows up.
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Next Generation Endpoint Protection

Our Next-gen protection uses contextual threat intelligence with industry-leading efficacy.  We protect against file-based and fileless script attacks, malicious JavaScript, VBScript, PowerShell, and macros within seconds.

Zero Trust User & Device Certificates

Leverage your existing network and user devices with our Radius as a Service and user verification for each device. A secure certificate is installed on each mobile device, desktop, or server that ties to a secure AD or Azure AD identity.

Endpoint Automation & Remote Access

Monitor, manage, and support your endpoints all from one single portal. Automatically deploy software, machine policies, configurations, patches, and manage your assets. Comes with the best remote control software in the industry. 

Sedona Safeguard

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